Children can start visiting the dentist as young as a year old. Dr. Dvarskas & Dr. Zeller encourage parents to bring their children of all ages to perform exams,  dietary counseling, and evaluate the growth overall. It is recommended to start dental care as soon as possible to be able to shape the child's bite as they develop, rather than wait until the teeth are already settled. We continue to remind parents to be involved in their child's dental regiment from a young age, to show them proper brushing technique, and share the risks of plaque and cavities. 

There are a variety of signs and symptoms that can result from a bite developing incorrectly, these include:

  • Visible crowding

  • Crossbite

  • Overbite

  • underbite

  • Trouble breathing/breathing through mouth

  • Snoring

  • Speech problems, even development of a lisp

  • TMJ problems later on in life 

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