Our hygiene program offers a comprehensive range of services based on your individual needs. Our hygienists update medical history, take blood pressure, and perform a thorough oral cancer screening. They also evaluate the TMJ, examine teeth for decay and gums for periodontal disease, take x-rays, place sealants, fluoride treatments, tooth desensitization and perform whitening services. Throughout the prophylaxis, soft plaque, surface stain and hardened calculus deposits are removed with the latest techniques. Our hygienists provide detailed, personalized homecare instructions and diet counseling.

Here are some general hygiene tips from our hygienists: 

  • Brush twice a day for at LEAST 2 minutes

  • Floss between all teeth once a day

  • Using toothpaste with fluoride is encouraged

  • Avoid a lot of sugary drinks/snacks, especially before bed

  • Visit our office twice a year for cleanings and routine exams

  • Call us if you have any concerns or questions about your oral healthcare